[DeTomaso] fiero seats

Steve&Lynda lrfste2 at netscape.net
Sun Feb 25 21:24:56 EST 2007

Thanks for the recent post regarding the Fieo seats.  You said that you 
have "blueprints" for adapting stock seats (I have an 1973 L car) to the 
Fiero seats. I'm interested in the mounting rail conversion from the 
holes in the car to mounting holes in the seat. Any help with blueprints 
or pics would be most appreciated
Thanks Steve #5974

All Fiero seats were the same, save for the choice of coverings. The early
seats, '84-'85, had small radio speakers in the headrests while the '86-'89
did not. Including 1/4" for the adapter bars between the Fiero seat and the
stock Pantera tracks, you will loose 2 3/8" of headroom compared to a stock
Pre-L seat. I can't speak to the L seat, which is slightly different than
the Pre-L. The Fiero seat is an excellent item, made for GM by the Lear
Corp, a major OEM seat manufacturer. If you're interested in making your 
adapter bars, I can send you the blueprints for the ones I made for my
Pre-L. And if you're interested in an already done set of seats (with
adapters) I have my set for sale. They are brand new, Mr. Mike's covered
seats that have never been used in a car - only installed for a trial fit.
They turned out great but I discovered that I couldn't give up the lost
headroom, so I haven't used them. They are the Vetter style (see Mr. Mike's
website - www.mrmikes.com) in black leather with pistol grip seating
surfaces. I would really like to use them in my car, but short of lowering
the floor pan, that ain't gonna happen. If you want I can email you pics of

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