[DeTomaso] seat belts

JAYTCREC at aol.com JAYTCREC at aol.com
Sat Feb 24 09:31:26 EST 2007

I have a complete bolt in kit I got from Hall or Precision  Proformance.
It has a replacement mounting cover that goes over the inner rocker.   And 
that is where the retractor is.  A little different than having the  retractor 
above on the shoulder height, but once you get used to it, no  problem.
The best thing is that the receiver on the console side floor has a plastic  
housing that sits up so you don't have to hunt for the end.  And it  also has 
a Detomaso emblem on the push button release, cool.
I too had a pre-L with the separate lap and shoulder belts.  I  replaced the 
set up for three reasons:  1. the plastic  retainer holding the slack on the 
shoulder belt had become broken;   2. the clip together part was cumbersome to 
use especially for an  inexperienced passenger; and  3. the original belts are 
35 years old and  may be weakened or unsafe.
Now I have a new 1 piece lap and shoulder assembly that clips into a handy  
extended receiver.
Jay Curreri
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