[DeTomaso] Plating Rear Camber Brace Bolt

B. Seib oldwheel at mts.net
Fri Feb 23 14:18:04 EST 2007

I have been using a product called Galvabright. I'm quite pleased with it.
The same company offers a lot of other similar products. I use it when I
don't want to wait to have a few small items plated. It's still a lzy way
out, but I run out of patience sometimes. I use POR mMetal-Ready to de-rust
and prepare the parts and then dry them well and spray with Galvabright.




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You may be thinking of normal bolts these are the one inch LH and Rh nuts
with the center male L&R threaded bolt.

MikeLDrew at aol.com wrote:
  In a message dated 2/23/07 6:42:17, charlesbuthala at yahoo.com writes:    <<
I have polished up my Al. rear camber brace and now the ZiNi plated bolts
look bad.  I do not wish to pay the $75 minimum fee for plating two nuts and
the double ended bolt.  Is there some place I can get the chemicals to do a
small job?  Any procedural ideas are greatly appreciated. >>    >>>My local
Ace hardware store has a whole secton of chrome-plated nuts and   bolts--I'm
sure something in there would work for your application.  Take a   look at
your nearest Ace...    Mike

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