[DeTomaso] Seat Belts

Jim Gray jim.gray at wnlic.com
Wed Feb 21 17:02:02 EST 2007

To all:

I just recently replaced my old seatbelts with new ones that look totally
original except for the buckle side, which extends up and makes fastening
the belts easier.  You do have to trim the retractor covers. These are from
some Jeep model. You can see all the belts at www.coolcruisers.com.

Dan Mixon in Houston has the part numbers.


Jim Gray

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> My car is a late '72 with factory seatbelts.  They are the separate lap
> and shoulder version wherein the shoulder piece has a metal part that
> manually clips into seatbelt.  It appears that the later cars had a more
> modern setup with a one-piece lap and shoulder belt with retractors for
> both, one in the door sill and the other behind the seat.
>>>True.  This became a standard feature on the 1974 cars.

> I do not want
> to convert to a racing harness.  My question is, can I convert my car to
> the more modern single belt setup with the retractors?
>>>It is certainly possible, and theoretically simple to do.

> Has anyone done
> this conversion and, if so, what is involved?
>>>The shoulder harness inertial reel bolts to the back of the cabin,
although I can't remember if it bolts to the firewall, or to the main
chassis piece
that runs across the back of the cabin against the floor.  In any case, you
would need access to the back side to bolt it up, which would be simple on
passenger side, but would almost certainly require gas tank (and thus engine
gearbox) removal on the driver's side.

> Are the parts available
> from the vendors?
>>>Not as far as I know.  Although yours is a nice idea, it is probably not
realistic considering that your car is a perfect, running, driving car.

> Notwithstanding a racing harness setup, is there a
> better, slicker way to go?  Suggestions welcome.
The vendors do sell non-factory replacement 'street' seat belt kits that
utilize conventional three-point belts and nominally bolt right in, and that
probably an excellent solution for you.



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