[DeTomaso] Irwindale Speedway Pantera Club Night, April 21st

Rob DOrazio robpantera at sbcglobal.net
Tue Feb 20 21:43:06 EST 2007

For all you SoCal area Pantera owners, Foothill Panteras has arranged a Club night at Irwindale Speedway on April 21st starting at 3:30.  I can get up to thirty Panteras in free (includes one passenger as well).  We put our cars on display for the viewing pleasure of the incoming crowd and at some time during the evening's races we do some parade laps between heats while the track announcer provides some club and car info.
  I was there one evening when the new Mini club was in attendance and while the crowd seemed to enjoy it, I think they will be even more in tune with the "Cleveland Symphony Orchestra", since Irwindale is a stock car type track.
  For more info, please contact me at robpantera at sbcglobal,net or by phone at (626)795-0915.

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