[DeTomaso] Black Paint

adin at frontier.net adin at frontier.net
Tue Feb 20 16:02:30 EST 2007

First, I am offended . . huh? Oh, yeah.  Offensive.

Anyway, the question is not "How black is it?" but rather "Does it do  
the job properly and meet my requirements?"

If you are of the Tiger crowd who WILL argue for hours whether the  
screwdriver in your toolkit has the correct handle . . .I'll say my  
goodbye's now.

If asked, I would say:  Choose what you are willing to clean to your  

Scuderia Non Originale
(I still think Martin got ripped.)

Quoting Mark McWhinney <msm at portata.com>:

> While trying to shoot an electrical problem, I removed the hood to get
> better access to the radiator fans.  In doing so, I noticed that the hood
> hinges looked a little shabby, so I striped and repainted the hinges.  In
> doing so, I noticed that the under side of the hood looked a little shabby,
> so [ .. you give a mouse a cookie ...]
> The black paint under the hood looks like a flat black, but under the
> hinges, the unexposed paint looks more like it was a semi-gloss.  So, like
> the rest of the country grabbling with the Obama issue; how black is it?
> Should I spray it with flat, semi-gloss, satin, etc?
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