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Oops.  I thought you were in Houston.

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I had Susan's Porsche rim repaired.  I had my Campy's at the same shop, but
he was out of magnesium welding rod.  I finally bought some Hall rims

The price was around $100 per wheel.  He repaired a dent, repaired some curb
rash, and repainted to match the stock color.

Here's the bad part.  I don't remember the name of the shop.  I remember how
to get there, though.

If you're going west on FM1960, take the first street north (right turn)
after Kuykendahl.  It should be Fritz road or something like that.

About 100 feet after the turn, you turn to the right into the parking lot.
It's tight in there.  You should see a sign that says something about wheel
repair.  If not, you can ask anyone.  They'll know the shop.

It's been a long time, and I'm going on memory, so I hope I'm giving good
directions.  I'm sure about the Kuykendahl part.  I'm about 90% on the rest
of the directions.


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Does anybody have a reference to a rim repair shop?  I want to have the
spare tire rim refinished with the original paint color.

Thanks for the info.


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